A way to:

  • inspire
  • encourage
  • share love
  • spread joy
  • build community
  • make a stranger smile
  • appreciate and affirm others
  • connect with those who cross our paths (friends, family, strangers, etc) and celebrate!

How they work:

It’s really up to you, although we invite you to be as bold and brave as possible!


  • Give a card to that person you ride the subway with every day but have never spoken a word to…
  • Tap someone on the shoulder and leave them your message without the possibility of ever seeing them again…
  • Surprise your boss, co-worker, spouse, sibling, best friend, child etc by letting them know how you admire them!!!

Open yourself to truly SEE people, then leave your comfort zone by letting them know how they’ve been seen!

Share your story:

Share the love! Send us a photo of your SEEN CARDS and/or description of why that particular person inspired you, or how you felt knowing you inspired someone else, to seencards@gmail.com. Who knows, they might read it and post their own experience back!

Where to get SEEN CARDS?:

E-mail us at seencards@gmail.com and we’ll send you the PDF!

Thanks for reading.


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